How do I Add Sound Effects to Animations in PowerPoint?

Adding sound effects to your PowerPoint animations can enhance the overall impact of your presentation and engage your audience on a deeper level. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of adding sound effects to animations in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and create or open your presentation

  1. Launch PowerPoint and create a new presentation or open the existing one that you want to add sound effects to.

Step 2: Insert an object or shape to apply the animation and sound effect

  1. Click on the “Insert” tab in the top menu.
  2. Choose “Shapes” or “Picture” to insert an object or shape into your slide.
  3. Select the object or shape, then click on the “Animations” tab.

Step 3: Apply an animation to the object or shape

  1. Click on the “Animations” tab.
  2. Choose an animation from the available options or click on “More Entrance Effects” to explore additional animations.
  3. Customize the animation options such as duration, timing, and effect options, if desired.

Step 4: Add sound effects to the animation

  1. With the object or shape still selected, go to the “Animations” tab.
  2. Click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the “Animations” group to open the Animation Pane.
  3. In the Animation Pane, select the animation you want to add sound to.
  4. Click on the “Effect Options” button, represented by a small speaker icon.
  5. In the Effect Options dialog box, select the “Sound” tab.
  6. Choose a sound effect from the available options or click on “Other Sound” to browse your computer for a custom sound file.
  7. Adjust the sound volume, playback options, and other settings as needed.

Step 5: Preview and fine-tune the animation and sound effects

  1. Click on the “Slide Show” tab.
  2. Choose “From Current Slide” to preview the animation and sound effects.
  3. Make adjustments to the animation timings, sound volume, or other settings as required.

Step 6: Save and deliver your presentation

  1. Once you are satisfied with the animation and sound effects, save your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. To deliver your presentation with the sound effects, play it in slideshow mode.


By following these steps, you can easily add sound effects to your animations in PowerPoint. Enhance your presentations by applying animations to objects or shapes, then selecting and customizing sound effects to suit your content. Remember to preview and fine-tune your effects for a seamless and engaging presentation. With the addition of sound effects, you can captivate your audience and make your PowerPoint presentations more dynamic and memorable.

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