• Attack on Titans: Wings of Freedom

    An international hit anime “Attack on Titan” has come to SteamĀ®! Battle is joined between the man-eating Titans and Eren and his companions. Experience the illusion of being in the anime, and controlling the flow of the story. The story from the anime, with a few original twists, is yours to experience! * The images are from an in-development build and may differ from the final version.

  • The Surge 2

    On the way to Jericho City, your plane is shot down by a mysterious storm and crash-lands in the outskirts. You wake up weeks later in a derelict detention facility inside the city. Armor-clad soldiers enforce Martial Law, robots are on a rampage, and a dark, expanding nanostorm looms over the cityscape… With an expanded arsenal of weapons, armors, abilities, implants, and drones to build your character, and a bigger, more varied and more ambitious world, The Surge 2 challenges you to survive and unravel its hidden secrets. In a bid to survive, explore the sprawling, devastated city of Jericho. Fight its numerous, ferocious threats in brutal, unforgiving combat, slashing and tearing the limbs off your opponents to steal valuable equipment that will make you stronger – strong enough to face the most fearsome, imposing foes lurking in the city.

    • Hardcore, brutal melee combat
    • Face deadly foes and colossal bosses
    • Cut off parts of the enemy you want to loot
    • Rich character progression and customization

    The Surge 2

  • Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition

    The Deluxe Edition includes the full game and the following additional content:

    – Devil Breaker weapons: Gerbera GP01, Pasta Breaker, Sweet Surrender, Mega Buster
    – Dante weapon: Cavaliere R
    – Battle music: 3 tracks each from Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, Devil May Cry 3, and Devil May Cry 4
    – Alternative voices: Style Rank Announcers, Title Calls
    – Live Action Cutscenes

  • GreedFall

    GreedFall for PC is an action role-playing game set in a seventeenth century fantasy reality. The world has become overpopulated and dreadfully polluted which gave rise to a contagion in recent times. As a result, the world has now been decimated by the Malichor plague which is a deadly and incurable disease.



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