How do I Insert a Video in PowerPoint?

Adding videos to your PowerPoint presentations can engage your audience and enhance the overall impact of your message. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to insert a video into your PowerPoint slides, providing more detailed instructions and specific commands for each step.

Step 1: Open PowerPoint:

  • Launch Microsoft PowerPoint and open the presentation where you want to insert the video. If you don’t have a presentation yet, create a new one.

Step 2: Navigate to the slide:

  • Go to the slide where you want to insert the video. You can navigate between slides using the slide thumbnails on the left side of the PowerPoint window.

Step 3: Access the Insert tab:

  • Click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the PowerPoint window. This tab contains various options to insert different types of content into your slides.

Step 4: Insert the video:

  • In the “Media” group, click on the “Video” button. This will open a dropdown menu with video insertion options.
  • Choose the “Video on My PC” option if you have a video file saved on your computer. This will open a file browser dialog box.

Step 5: Locate and select the video file:

  • Browse your computer to find the video file you want to insert into the PowerPoint slide. Click on the video file to select it, and then click on the “Insert” button. The video will be added to the slide.

Step 6: Adjust video settings:

  • Resize and reposition the video on the slide as desired. You can click and drag the corners of the video to resize it, or click and drag in the center to reposition it.
  • To start playing the video automatically during the presentation, select the video on the slide and click on the “Playback” tab that appears in the PowerPoint ribbon at the top.
  • In the “Video Options” group, enable the “Play” option automatically by checking the box next to “Play” under the “Video Options” tab.

Step 7: Test the video playback:

  • Click on the “Slide Show” button in the bottom right corner of the PowerPoint window to preview the slideshow. This will open the presentation in full-screen mode.
  • Navigate to the slide where you inserted the video and check if the video plays correctly and fits within the slide.

Step 8: Fine-tune video playback (optional):

  • To further adjust the video playback options, return to the normal view in PowerPoint.
  • Go to the “Playback” tab in the PowerPoint ribbon and explore additional settings.
  • Customize options such as looping the video, hiding the video controls, or playing the video across multiple slides.


In this detailed step-by-step guide, you have learned how to insert a video into your PowerPoint presentation using specific commands for each step. By following these instructions, you can easily incorporate videos into your slides and enhance the overall impact of your presentation. Experiment with different video options and settings to create engaging and dynamic presentations that captivate your audience. Start adding videos to your PowerPoint slides today and see the impact it makes!

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