How do I Create a Table of Authorities in Microsoft Word?

A Table of Authorities is a crucial element in legal documents that lists references to cases, statutes, and other legal sources cited within the document. In this detailed step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of creating a Table of Authorities in Microsoft Word.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word

Launch Microsoft Word by clicking on its icon in the taskbar or searching for it in the Start menu.

Step 2: Open the Document

Open the document in which you want to create the Table of Authorities or create a new document if necessary.

Step 3: Insert Citations

Position the cursor in the document where you want to insert a citation. In the “References” tab, click on the “Mark Citation” button.

Step 4: Mark a Citation

In the “Mark Citation” dialog box, enter the necessary information for the citation, such as the case name, statute, or other legal source. You can also specify the category, short citation, and page number. Click “Mark” to insert the citation.

Step 5: Continue Inserting Citations

Repeat Step 4 for each citation you want to include in the Table of Authorities. Ensure you mark each citation accurately.

Step 6: Insert the Table of Authorities

Position the cursor at the location in the document where you want to insert the Table of Authorities. In the “References” tab, click on the “Insert Table of Authorities” button.

Step 7: Customize the Table of Authorities

In the “Table of Authorities” dialog box, you can customize the appearance and content of the table. Choose the desired options, such as formatting, tab leader, category, and cited page format. Click “OK” to insert the Table of Authorities.

Step 8: Update the Table

If you add or modify citations in the document, the Table of Authorities may need to be updated. To update, click inside the table, and in the “References” tab, click on the “Update Table” button.

Step 9: Finalize and Review

Review the Table of Authorities to ensure that all citations are correctly included and formatted. Make any necessary adjustments to citations or the table itself.


Creating a Table of Authorities in Microsoft Word is essential for legal professionals to document and organize references in a structured manner. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can effortlessly create and customize a Table of Authorities to enhance the professionalism and integrity of your legal documents.

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