What is the Shortcut Key to Insert a Comment in Word?

Microsoft Word is an essential tool that most of us use daily to get our work done. One of the most crucial features of Word is the comments feature. Collaborating with other team members on a word document becomes faster when you can leave comments to suggest improvements or point out errors. But, do you know the shortcut key to insert a comment in Word? This article will answer precisely that.

A comment is a small, invisible note that can be inserted anywhere in a Word document. It remains hidden until you decide to display it by hovering over the comment icon. You can insert a range of comments in Word, including text, images, hyperlinks, and shapes. It allows reviewers to add feedback to a document without altering the original content.

Now, coming to the shortcut keys. The quick and easiest way to insert a comment in Word is by using the command Ctrl + Alt + M on a PC or Command + Alt + M on a Mac. The shortcut key will open a comment box next to the cursor, where you can type your note or feedback.

You can also add an individual comment via a keyboard shortcut by selecting the word or phrase you want to comment on and then pressing Shift + F2. This shortcut key will bring up the comment box where the cursor is positioned.

These shortcut keys make adding comments to a Word document quick and easy. Instead of navigating through the Word ribbon to locate the comment feature, the combination of keyboard shortcuts allows you to insert comments on the go.

In conclusion, comments are a critical aspect of Microsoft Word when it comes to the reviewing and editing process. Using the shortcut keys mentioned above helps to make the process efficient and convenient. So, next time you need to add a comment, use these keyboard shortcuts and take advantage of the convenience they offer when working on a Word document.

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