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Dying Light 2 for PC is a survival horror action role playing game (RPG) for single players and cooperative multi players. The game is a direct follow on from the first in the series, Dying Light, in which protagonist Kyle Crane ventures into a zombie filled quarantine zone, using combat and parkour to both defeat them and escape from them. This sequel has a new protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, and is set fifteen years later, in the same city as before.

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About the Game

Parkour is still very much a feature, as is the combat, and Aiden Caldwell has a great deal of new tech to help him with his tasks. The parkour is, in fact, vastly improved, with up to twice as many new moves as before. Aiden’s movement about the city are further aided with the addition of a grappling hook so he can get up those highest buildings and a paraglider for speedy and zombie free lateral movements.

And lateral movement is more important in this game, with much more of the city forming Aiden’s playground. The map in this sequel is four times the size of the not-inconsiderable game play area of the original game, and all of it is open range sand-box style, so you can explore everywhere and discover all sorts of fun hidden spaces which may or may not contain loot or other treasures that will make your character’s life a little easier.

The map is broken up into seven distinct zones, and each area has its own unique landmarks and features. Interacting with non-playing characters (called NPCs) and the factions to which they belong can have huge implications deeper into the game, so think all your movements and actions through with some care before you act: you do not want an unwary slip in the opening hours of play to come back to bite you just as you are getting close to the end scenes!

Ways to Beat the Zombies

  • Parkour: Stylish moves, part dance, part urban performance art, park combat. Your character will use the urban features around him to move above, below or beside the zombie hordes, occasionally needing to use his skills to break free of them should a pack surround him a bit too closely for comfort!
    With plenty of old moves as well as all the new ones to learn, invest some time and effort in getting to grips with this skill – you never know when it will save your butt!
  • Melee Weapons: Designed for up close and personal use, melee weapons are the most frequently used in this up close and personal game. However, make sure you keep an eye on your weapons as these ones degrade as you use them and your handy dagger might suddenly fall to pieces just as you are about to administer the coup de grace!
  • Long Range Weapons: Spears, crossbows and even shotguns are easier to maintain. Being distance weapons they do not suffer the same damage as the melee weapons, and they can kill enemies from a safe distance so your own health points remain in good condition.
  • Sunlight: Daytime makes the zombies confused and sleepy so make sure you plan your most serious engagements for bright sunlit hours. Avoid engaging with the zombies in the dark as this is when they are their most powerful and their most blood (or brain) thirsty.

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Minimum Requirements*

OS OS Win 10 64
CPU Core i3-4160 3.6GHz / FX-6300
HDD HDD Space 65 GB


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