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What once aided our survival became the catalyst of our destruction. Dead by Daylight’s End Transmission Chapter features a new Killer – The Singularity – and a new Survivor, Gabriel Soma. A new Map, Toba Landing, is available for all players. Purchasing this add-on unlocks 2 exclusive Cosmetics: The Singularity’s Curved Scythe and Gabriel’s Illuminated Shirt.

The Killer is The Singularity. A potential catalyst of humanity’s extinction – or so it has been called – The Singularity is intelligent beyond measure and entirely void of morality. Its spread is inevitable, with the ability to materialize across the Map through a network of organic Biopods. Those that resist will only prolong their suffering.

The Singularity’s Power: Quantum Instantiation

The Singularity can shoot several Biopods onto surfaces around the Map. Once a Biopod has been attached, you can use it to locate and spy on Survivors. While surveying from a Biopod, The Singularity can tag Survivors in your line of sight, which applies the Slipstream effect.

Once a Survivor is Slipstreamed, The Singularity can materialize behind them and immediately begin chase. A Slipstreamed Survivor will spread the effect to other nearby Survivors.

Special State: Overclock Mode: Upon Slipstreaming to a Survivor, The Singularity gains a temporary speed boost to breaking Pallets and Walls, damaging Generators, and Vaulting. During Overclock, you cannot use your Power, and you won’t be stunned when hit by a Pallet. Instead, you’ll become momentarily hindered and the Pallet will be destroyed.

Special Interaction: Electromagnetic Pulse

EMP Crates spawn across the Map when a Trial begins. Only Survivors can interact with these Crates. Over time, these Crates print EMPs, which can be picked up by Survivors. Survivors can fire the EMP to temporarily disable Biopods and remove Slipstream from other Survivors in range.

The Singularity comes with 3 new perks.

Genetic Limits

When a Survivor finishes the Healing action, they receive the Exhausted status effect for a duration.

Forced Hesitation

When a Survivor enters the Dying State, all Survivors in their vicinity will immediately become Hindered and move slower.

Machine Learning

Upon damaging a Generator, this Perk activates. While active, the next Generator you damage will become Compromised. When the Comprised Generator is fully repaired, you will become


Dead by Daylight: End Transmission also includes a new Survivor: Gabriel Soma. The lone survivor of a failed mission on the planet Dvarka, Gabriel Soma finds great comfort in the memories of his past. Whether those memories are real, however, is a different matter altogether…

Gabriel comes with 3 new perks.


While you’re being chased by the Killer, you can see the Aura of the Generator with the most progress. Upon dropping a Pallet, you’ll also briefly see the Killer’s Aura.

Made For This

When injured, you run slightly faster. Upon healing a teammate, gain the Endurance status effect for a brief duration.


Scavenger activates while holding an empty Toolbox. Succeed a Great Skill Check when repairing a Generator to gain a Token. When you reach the maximum number of Tokens, you will lose all Tokens and automatically recharge your Toolbox to full. The Perk is disabled upon recharging a Toolbox. You’ll also be able to rummage through an opened Chest for a guaranteed basic Toolbox once per Trial.


A lush jungle teeming with flora and fauna unlike any seen on Earth, to marvel at its beauty is to risk life and limb.

*This map is free for all players.


A curved scrap-metal blade covered in rust and blood. Please note that this item cannot be purchased separately.


A shirt that reflects extra light for repair work in dark environments. Please note that this item cannot be purchased separately.

And while his memories were fabricated, his will to survive was all too real…

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