How do I Set Up a Recurring Appointment in Outlook?

Setting up recurring appointments in Outlook is a convenient way to schedule repetitive events. Follow these steps to learn how.

Step 1: Open Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

Step 2: Go to Calendar

  • Click on the “Calendar” tab at the bottom of the Outlook window.
  • This will open the calendar view.

Step 3: Create a New Appointment

  • In the calendar view, click on the desired date and time to create a new appointment.
  • Alternatively, click on “New Appointment” in the ribbon to open a new appointment window.

Step 4: Set the Start and End Time

  • In the appointment window, set the start and end time for the first occurrence of the appointment.

Step 5: Choose Recurrence Pattern

  • Click on the “Recurrence” button in the ribbon to specify the recurrence pattern for the appointment.
  • A new window will appear with various recurrence options.

Step 6: Select Recurrence Frequency

  • In the recurrence window, choose how often the appointment will recur.
  • Options include daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Step 7: Set the Range of Recurrence

  • Specify the range of recurrence for the appointment.
  • For example, you can set an end date, number of occurrences, or set it to recur indefinitely.

Step 8: Customize Recurrence Pattern (Optional)

  • If needed, click on the “More Options” button in the recurrence window to customize the recurrence pattern further.
  • This allows you to set specific dates, exclude certain dates, or modify the recurrence pattern as desired.

Step 9: Add Details and Reminders

  • Provide additional details for the appointment in the appointment window if necessary.
  • Set reminders, add attendees, or add any other relevant information.

Step 10: Save the Recurring Appointment

  • Once you have set the recurrence pattern and added all the required details, click “Save & Close” to save the recurring appointment in Outlook.


By following these easy steps, you can set up recurring appointments in Outlook. This feature is useful for scheduling regular meetings, events, or reminders, saving you time and ensuring you don’t miss important events in the future. Stay organized and efficient with Outlook’s recurring appointment feature.

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