How do I Create a Word Cloud or Tag Cloud in PowerPoint?

Word clouds or tag clouds are visually striking elements that can add depth and creativity to your PowerPoint presentations. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to create a word cloud or tag cloud in PowerPoint, making your presentations more engaging and visually appealing.

Step 1: Plan and gather your word list

  • Start by brainstorming the key words or phrases that you want to include in your word cloud. These can be related to your presentation’s topic or theme.
  • Once you have a list of words, type them out in a text document or note-taking application.

Step 2: Install and launch a word cloud generator

  • Look for a reliable word cloud generator software or online tool. Some popular options include Wordle, TagCrowd, and
  • Follow the instructions on the website to download and install the word cloud generator of your choice. Launch the application once it’s installed.

Step 3: Create your word cloud

  • Open the word cloud generator and locate the “import” or “upload” button. Click on it to import the text document or note containing your word list.
  • Adjust the settings, such as the font, layout, and color scheme, to customize the appearance of your word cloud.
  • Experiment with different options until you are satisfied with the final result.

Step 4: Save and export your word cloud

  • Once you’re happy with the design of your word cloud, locate the “save” or “export” button within the word cloud generator.
  • Choose a file format (e.g., PNG, JPEG) and a destination folder where you want to save the image file.
  • Give your word cloud a descriptive file name and click on “Save” or “Export” to save the image to your computer.

Step 5: Insert the word cloud into PowerPoint

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation or create a new one.
  • Navigate to the slide where you want to add the word cloud.
  • Click on the “Insert” tab and select “Picture” or “Image” from the toolbar.
  • Browse your computer and select the word cloud image that you saved in the previous step. Click on “Insert” to add it to the slide.

Step 6: Customize and arrange the word cloud

  • Resize the word cloud image by clicking and dragging the corner handles.
  • To adjust the position, click on the image and drag it to the desired location on the slide.
  • Experiment with different slide layouts, fonts, and colors to enhance the visual impact of the word cloud.

Step 7: Save and present your PowerPoint with the word cloud

  • Save your PowerPoint presentation to ensure all the changes are preserved.
  • Enter slideshow mode to present your slides by clicking on the “Slideshow” tab and choosing “From Beginning” or “From Current Slide.”


Word clouds or tag clouds can be powerful visual aids that capture the essence of your presentation’s key words or themes. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily create eye-catching word clouds in PowerPoint. Incorporate these dynamic elements into your slides and captivate your audience with engaging and visually appealing visuals.

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